Why Join Us

K.J. Somaiya Hospital and Research Centre is one of the leading hospitals in the healthcare industry. We not only provide the best service to the patient but also provide excellent career opportunities and look forward to the betterment of our employees. We offer diverse range of opportunities in the medical and paramedical field, wherein employees can grow equally along with the organisation.

We treat our employees with respect and dignity. We are focused on various competencies and building a productive work environment.We believe that working conditions, wages, and benefits that we offer to our employees are the best in the industry.

Please send your resume to: hr.kjsh@somaiya.edu


Benefits of Working with Us

State-of-the-art Technologies

Our employees get an exposure to upgrade their knowledge with the latest technologies available with us. We have user-friendly, comprehensive enterprise-wide software that covers all aspects of management and operations, which enables to improve the operational effectiveness, and enhance delivery of quality care.

Team based Work Culture

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results. We believe working in harmony and unity, as team-based organizations progress more efficiently and effectively.

Recognition of Talent

Recognition should be used to compliment rewards. We timely recognise our staff by felicitating them, which helps in boosting their morale. We recognise our employees, which gives them the extra motivation to go above and beyond, as recognition ultimately helps in the growth of the organisation too.

Performance Driven Growth

Performance is driven at each and every level by clearly setting up goals and targets, continuously monitoring and measuring achievements, rewarding on a timely basis and overall sustaining high energy and motivational levels.

Work / Life Balance

We believe that a stable personal life is equally important for our employees. They should spend quality time with their families too. We believe that an employee’s satisfaction in their personal life and their ability to meet personal commitments greatly affects their success at work, which clearly benefits us. We also believe that helping employees to achieve good work-life balance boosts up the work satisfaction, increases their loyalty, and helps to achieve career longevity.

Job Openings Non Clinical

Billing Executive

Qualifications :Job Openings Non Clinical

Graduation / Post Graduation

Experience :Job Openings Non Clinical

Minimum 2 Years of Hospital ( IPD & OPD ) Billing

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