We offer the complete range of dermacare solutions for your skin that are at par with global standards.


The Dermatology department of K. J. Somaiya Medical College sees over 100 patients daily from all over Mumbai as well as patients visiting from outside the city. There is a dedicated dermatology ward that caters to in-patients and a 24-hour on-call dermatologist available on all days.

Students from all over the country pursue their degree (DNB) as well as diploma (CPS) post-graduate course here. The esteemed faculty of full-time professors, lecturers and honorary teachers ensure that a high degree of academic excellence is maintained reflected in the numerous laurels received by the department in the form of awards at various state and national conferences (papers, posters, quiz) as well as numerous national publications and international journals. The department has a library up-to-date with the latest editions of dermatology books and journal subscriptions and also ensures that technology is used to its fullest to impart education to the residents and the faculty through various online CMEs & webinars.

The department has state-of-the-art equipment that is at par with the advances in this field and in keeping with global standards like the narrow band UVB chamber and state-of-the-art chemical peeling agents to name a few. This has helped the department to widen its cosmetology reach as well as enable the residents to learn the latest treatment modalities.

Procedures & Services

Common Procedures Performed
  • Scraping for fungus – KOH mount, Chicago Blue stain
  • Tzanck Smear – bullous disorders, herpes
  • Slit skin smear - leprosy
  • Wood’s Lamp examination
  • Autologous serum skin testing for Chronic Urticaria
  • Patch testing for cases of Contact Dermatitis
  • Punch Biopsy
  • Excision Biopsy
  • Incision Biopsy
  • Shave Biopsy
  • Oral and Genital Biopsies
  • Nail biopsies
  • Needling and extraction of Milia
  • Narrow hole technique for extraction of Sebaceous cyst, lipoma
  • Mucocele Excision
  • Molluscum extraction
  • Comedo extraction
  • Paring/Enucleation of corns
  • Autologous serum therapy for Chronic Urticaria
  • Electrosurgical & Radiofrequency Procedures- warts, skin tags, Seborrheickeratoses, MolluscumContagiosum, milia, DermatosesPapulosaNigra, sebaceous cysts, xanthelesma, xanthoma, syringomas, hyperhidrosis, small epidermal nevi, actinic keratoses, Bowen’s disease
  • Dermabrasion
  • Narrow band UVB therapy
  • Chemical Cauterization
    • Podophyllin: condylomaacuminata, plantar warts, keratoses
    • TCA: warts, MC, xanthelesma, skin tags, freckles, lentigenes, PG
    • Phenol: nail matrix, Alopecia areata, vitiligo
  • Intralesional steroids
    • Nodulocystic acne, Alopecia Areata, Prurigonodularis, hypertrophic lichen planus, keloids
  • Cryosurgery
    • Benign: warts, cystic acne, keloid, skin tags, pyogenic granuloma
    • Pre-malignant: Leukoplakia, Bowen’s disease, actinic keratoses, Erythroplasia of Queyrat
    • Malignant: BCC, SCC, Lentigomaligna melanoma, palliative
  • Miniature Punch grafting
  • Suction blister grafting
  • Split thickness skin grafting
  • Needling for vitiligo
  • Partial nail avulsion
  • Total nail avulsion
  • Matrix phenolization
  • Incision and drainage in cases of acute paronychia
  • Excision of subungualtumours
  • Intra-matriceal injection of IL steroids
  • Smear for Gram staining
  • Crush smear in cases of Suspected Donovanosis
  • Podophyllin/TCA/KOH application on Genital Warts and MolluscumContagiosum on the genitals
  • Chemical Peels
    • Facial rejuvenation and Glow
    • Pigmentation – melasma, post inflammatory pigmentation, freckles
    • Active Acne
    • Superficial scars, wrinkles, age spots
    • PeriorbitalMelanosis
  • Acne Scar Revision Surgeries
    • Subcision
    • Dermaroller
    • Punch Excision
    • Punch Floatation
  • Microdermabrasion
    • Facial rejenuvation
    • Glow
    • Superficial Pigmentation, scars, wrinkles
  • Ear and nose piercing
  • Ear lobe repair – chemical and surgical
  • Excision of nevi
  • Electro-epilation of unwanted hairs
  • Dermaroller therapy for alopecia and acne scars
  • Deep whitening Mask
  • Camouflage system
  • PRP

The OPD timings are as follows

  • General Hospital: 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
  • Super Specialty Hospital: 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Our Specialists

Dr. Hari Pathave

M B B S, M D

Teaching Hospital

English, Hindi, Marathi



Assistant Professor

Dr. Satish Laxmandas Wadhwa

M B B S, M D

Teaching Hospital



Dr. Shital Amin Poojary


Super Specialty, Teaching Hospital


Professor & Head