Rights and Responsibilities

A few simple operating principles of rights and responsibilities should help us all to function smoothly at administering the best care and cure.

Patient's Responsibilities & Rights

List of Responsibilities

  • Providing true personal details including full name, address contact number, income details etc.
  • Providing correct and complete medical history including, previous illnesses, hospitalizations, surgical and other procedures undergone, medications taken etc.
  • Adhering to the appointment schedule and providing prior intimation in case of cancellation.
  • Understanding the compulsion of your treating doctor to treat critically ill patients on priority out of turn sometimes causing delay in attending to you.
  • Ensuring harmonious and peaceful relationship with hospital staff and co-patients.
  • Complying with the treatment plan laid down by the doctor and intimating the doctor immediately about any inability or difficulty in undertaking the prescribed treatment or considering other therapies.
  • Refraining from taking any medicines other than those prescribed by treating doctors.
  • Refraining from distributing to other patients medicines prescribed for you.
  • Clearing payment dues without delay and coordinating with hospital staff to facilitate payment by insurance providers.
  • Abiding by the ‘no smoking’, ‘no alcohol consumption’ and ‘no non vegetarian food’ policy of the hospital.
  • Abiding by all the precautions taken by the hospital management to ensure the personal privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
  • Desisting from any such act that may cause inconvenience and discomfort or endanger safety of hospital staff, fellow patients, and visitors like littering, playing loud music, talking loudly and carrying weapons in the hospital premises.

List of Rights

  • Right to get medical counseling and care, matching with prevalent standards.
  • Right to be informed and educated about their medical condition and the estimated cost of treatment in a language that they can follow.
  • Right to grant / withhold consent for a part or whole of a diagnostic or treatment procedure.
  • Right to seek an additional opinion regarding their medical condition.
  • Right to information about the healthcare professionals attending to them.
  • Right of access to their clinical records.
  • Right to complete confidentiality regarding all their medical records except in certain circumstances.
  • Right to privacy and dignity, and due consideration to religious and cultural beliefs.
  • Right to a safe and protected space for themselves and their visitors. However the hospital is not responsible for the personal belongings of patients or visitors.
  • Right to offer suggestions and air grievances