Vision & Mission

Our objective is to nurture and propagate the holistic healing practices of care and cure, for the benefit of all.


To be trusted beacon of health and healing, recognized for unwavering commitment to patient trust, clinical excellence, and community well-being, setting the standards for education, research & compassionate, reliable healthcare services across all sections of the society..



Our mission is to deliver high-quality, affordable patient-centered care through a collaborative and innovative approach. We strive to continuously improve healthcare standards, promote wellness, and contribute to medical education, all while maintaining a culture of empathy, integrity and excellence in service.

Remove Suffering

To remove the suffering of all beings afflicted by pain or disease.

Holisitic Medical System

To include holistic medical systems, such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Sports Medicine along with Allopathy.

Train Medical Professionals

To train medical professionals who will imbibe this guiding principle and be the best in their chosen profession.

Professional Medical Education

To be a leading provider of professional medical education in the country, integrating highest standards of academic excellence with ethics and spirituality.

Super Speciality Treatments

To provide all super speciality treatments on one campus and under one umbrella.


Our Values


न मानुषात् परो धर्म (There is no religion other than service to humanity).


We will welcome all.


We will be sensitive and caring.



We will strive to provide the latest and best treatments.


We will attract the best Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff, who will work together as a team to serve the needs of patients.

Holistic Approach

We will also bring in a holistic approach to care and treatment, bringing together the best of modern medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga and other approaches for patient care and cure.


Research and Education

We will engage in research and education to understand current evolving therapies, and also to be at the forefront of research to develop new approaches.


We will maintain the highest standards of integrity in working with our patients and community.


इब्न-ए-मरयम हुआ करे कोई मेरे दुख की दवा करे कोई

We will provide care to our patients with sensitivity and compassion. We will strive to provide the best medical care. We will create an environment that welcomes all.

Our Philosophy