Our services are delivered through cutting-edge modern technology to ensure efficient evaluations


Our Radiology department deals with the diagnosis of various diseases, disorders related to most of the systems (like respiratory, urogenital, cardiovascular, etc.) in the human body. Patients from the Casualty, OPD and IPD are referred to us for radiological evaluation helping confirm clinical diagnosis so that the required treatments can be initated early enough. We also have a priority service provision for emergency patients (viz. suspected ruptured ectopic pregnancy, testicular torsion, trauma, bowel obstruction /perforation, etc.)

Procedures & Services

Our Radiology services are broadly divided into four categories as follows :-

X-ray & Special Procedures (requiring fluoroscopy):
  • X-rays (Radiographs) of all body parts are done in our department as recommended by the treating doctor including the ‘Infantogram’ for paediatric patients less than one year of age.
Ultrasonography (USG) & Colour Doppler
  • Special procedures (Fluoroscopy-guided) include IVU, Barium Procedures (Barium swallow, Barium meal, Barium meal follow through, Barium enema), HSG, MCU, RGU, Fistulography, Sinography, Distal loopogram, etc.
  • USG of abdomen, pelvis, chest, scrotum, local/small part/s (including musculoskeletal) and Neurosonography (NSG) are done routinely.
  • Colour Doppler studies of peripheral limb vessels, renal artery, obstetric, scrotal, thyroid are also regularly done.
CT Scan:
  • We have a 16 slice (Wipro GE – BRIVO 385) CT scan equipment to cater to all the CT requirements of our patients and these services are available 24/7 – 3D reconstruction, CT Angiography (Peripheral, Pulmonary, Aortography), CT Urography, CT Virtual Bronchoscopy and Colonoscopy studies are also performed on demand.
Image - Guided Procedures
  • These include USG-guided FNAC, Tissue Biopsy, Pleural Fluid Tapping, Ascitic Fluid Tapping, Pigtail Catheter Insertion, etc. as well as CT guided tissue biopsy/FNAC.

The OPD timings are as follows

  • General Hospital: 09:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
  • Super Specialty Hospital: 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.