A gamut of state-of-the-art facilities is provided for the patients of Somaiya Hospital.


Somaiya as an institution stands for safe and quality patient care provided by the best clinicians supported by world class technology and infrastructure. People come to Somaiya with the trust that they are in the best and safest hands. We strive to keep up and nurture this trust that our patients bestow upon us.



General Hospital

The teaching hospital facility has main OT complexes situated on the first, second and third floor. The first floor OT complex houses the Gynaecology and Obstetrics operation theatre. Here caesarian sections and other Gynaecological procedures including advanced laparoscopic gynaecological procedures such as hysterectomy, ectopic pregnacy and myomectomies for uterine fibroids are carried out by minimally invasive techniques.

The second floor OT complex houses the Orthopaedics and ENT operation theatres. The Orthopaedic operation theatre has C arm facility and all orthopaedic procedures incuding arthroscopies, and hip and knee replacements are performed in addition to the routine orthopaedic procedures incuding trauma. The ENT theatre is quipped with an operating microscope which enables the treatment of microscopic ear surgery and endoscopic sinus procedures. The opthalmic OT is state of the art and offers cataract and other opthalmic surgeries such as trabulectomy and keratoplasty.

The third floor houses the surgery ot complex has two theatres. General surgical and laparoscopic procedures are performed here. There is a table for urology surgeries such as TURP and endoscopic stone retrieval procedures. Oncosurgeries such as Breast, Thyroid and Head and neck malignacies are performed here. Paediatric surgeries are perfomed here including laparoscopic procedures and complex paediatric surgeries. Plastic surgeries including reconstruction, liposuction and oncoplastic procedures are carried out here.

Super Speciality Hospital

The super speciality centre has three OT (2 located on the second floor and 1 on the ground floor).

All our OT’s are equipped with the highest standards of infection control with laminar air flows in all the OTs. Our modular OTs have been designed to cater to the highest spectrum of supra major surgeries keeping the safety of the patients and the operating personnel in mind.



Somaiya Hospital with the latest catheterization equipment from GE the cath lab is well equipped to handle all interventional cardiology, peaditric cardiology and radiology procedures.



Physiotherapists assess, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that improve or restore human motor functions, maximize movement ability, relieve pain syndromes, and treat or prevent physical challenges associated with injuries, diseases and other impairments. They apply a broad range of physical therapies and techniques such as movement, ultrasound, heating, laser and other techniques.
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Blood Centre

Somaiya Hospital currently has a State-of-the-art blood bank running 24/7 responsible for providing blood supplies and availability of components. The Blood Bank collects blood from voluntary, healthy donors with a strict eye on maintaining the quality of blood and blood components at every step. All collection, storage, processing and distribuiting is as per the MDACS, FDA, SBTC, NBTC, CDSCO rules & regulations.
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Somaiya Super Speciality Centre’s division of Critical Care Medicine is dedicated to management of critically ill patients. It is a team of qualified and experienced specialists working together with the same motto and uniform approach. Somaiya Super Speciality Centre’s division of Critical Care Medicine is dedicated to management of critically ill patients. It is a team of qualified and experienced specialists working together with the same motto and uniform approach. Critical care / Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has 16 beds with isolation room with positive / negative filtered fresh air flow and 1:1 nursing round the clock.Most beds (huntleigh with bed sore preventing air mattresses) have a window view to reduce ICU disorientation. Physician / Nurse access, hand washing to reduce hospital acquired infections, high end monitoring , advanced GE mechanical ventilators for Invasive / Non invasive artificial respiration, Dialysis, IABP, LVAD etc. It is manned round the clock by in house dedicated team of highly qualified intensivists to provide world class care to very sick patients of all age groups of varying illnesses.


Emergency department (Casualty) at K.J.Somaiya Hospital Super Speciality Centre is a State-of-the-art unit comprising of highly skilled and efficient team of specialists, emergency doctors and well-trained nursing staff, equipped to respond to patients who need immediate and prompt medical care in all sorts of emergencies. This is a round-the- clock service with 24x7 accesses to modern operation theatres, a 24-hour pharmacy, imaging services and stat laboratory services, assisting in quick and accurate diagnosis for immediate treatment of the patient's condition.
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It’s chief purpose is to provide disease specific, nutritionally balanced diet to the patients and to promote optimal nutritional status and wellness. Evidence based diet guidelines are used for the patient management (assessment, diet and nutrition intervention planning, patient counseling and education). Inpatients and outpatients from various specialties -medicine endocrinology, intensive care unit, cardiac, orthopedics, general surgery, gynaecology, pediatrics, nephrology, pulmonary, dermatology, physiotherapy, athletes are catered to. Case history and 24-hour diet recall are recorded to understand patient’s clinical condition, dietary habits and attitudes, lifestyle, considering scientific ways of disease management a dietary strategy is planned, patients and relatives are counselled, a written diet plan is provided; regular follow up sessions are planned for further diet modification, progression and patient empowerment. Also, a part of Food Committee, supervises food service management- menu planning (enteral feeds, liquid diet, soft diet, therapeutic diets, special pediatric diets, renal diets) food quality control and food supply to the wards.


Short Stay Service at K.J. Somaiya Super speciality center chiefly caters to patients undergoing surgeries and procedures that require a day's stay in the hospital i.e. a patient can get admitted in the morning and is discharged the same evening. All category of surgeries which require only a day stay are done in Short Stay Service which can belong to Minor, Intermediate, Major, Major Plus category. It is like a 19-bedded hospital situated within a hospital. The department is open round the clock


Artificial Kidney department (AKD) was started in K.J. Somaiya Hospital on June 2002 with three Hemodialysis stations working in two shifts. The needy patients were given financial support. Since inception in the last 15 years the department has been expanded from three stations to eleven states of art hemodialysis machines, with reverse osmosis water treatment plant and automated dialyzer reprocessing unit. The appointed technicians are well experienced to conduct Hemodialysis and handled emergency day dialysis procedures. Our services are provided to the outpatient as well as the critical ill along with isolation facility for Hepatitis B and C patients. We have been providing are Hemodialysis Nephology services at affordable cost of Rs. 300/-.
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The dental department of K.J. Somaiya Hospital has been catering to the dental needs of its patients since its inception. Our services are rendered to children, adolescents, adults and even patients with special health care needs. From common paediatric conditions like broken tooth to more complex surgical treatments, our team of expert dentists are equipped with years of experience to handle each patient with utmost care.

A variety of treatments are done here including root canal treatments, laminate fillings, post and care, Ceramic and metal crowns, scaling, complete and partial denture, simple, complicated and surgical extractions, cyst enucleation, dento alveolor fracture reductions, single visit root canal treatments, alveoloplasty and so on.
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The main aim of the Department of Ayurved and Panchakarma is to serve the humanity suffering from chronic diseases with Ayurvedic medicines and panchakarma therapies. The center aims at providing authentic treatment under the supervision of experienced doctors. The department also aims at promoting and propagating the medical education in Ayurved, Yoga and Meditation.
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