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K J Somaiya hospital acquired Leica—F50 microscope

                                              K.J.Somaiya Medical College & Hospital
                                                Dept. Of ENT and NEUROSURGERY

      K.J.Somaiya Medical college and hospitalis happy to announce that we have acquired a new
       Leica — F 50 Microscope.

ENT Micro surgery, neurosurgery,oncosurgery & plastic surgery requires top class imaging quality and visualization.ENT and neurosurgery procedures require different operating positions in which microscope can be maneuvered and positioned with ease. High end microscope allows ENT and Neurosurgeons to carry out surgical procedures with a high level of precision to enable the best possible clinical outcomes.

Our Leica Microsystem provides enhanced depth of field, precise positioning and great maneuverability. Applications in ENT — Tympanoplasty, Ossiculoplasty, Cholesteatoma surgery, Otosclerosis, Schwoannoma, Cochlear implant, Laryngeal surgeries. Applications in NEUROSURGERY-Microscope is required in all major Neurosurgical operations.Brain tumor surgery, Skull base surgery, Aneurysm surgery, A V malformations, Cervical spine surgeries, C1-C2 fusion procedure, CP angle tumors, Cerebellar tumors, Paediatric Meningomyeloceles.

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