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Audiometry facilities started at K J Somaiya Hospital

Department of ENT K.J. Somaiya Hospital is happy to announce that we are providing a range of Audiology services to needy patients  who are suffering from deafness due to various reasons . The services offered are as follows :

1.     Hearing assessment – Pure tone audiometry (PTA) in adults and older children.

2.     Assessment of middle ear function – Impedance audiometry

3.     Hearing screening in Neonates – Otoacoustic emission test  (OAE Test)

4.     Hearing Assessment in infants and children – Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA)

5.   Hearing aids for hearing loss elderly.

All these facilities are provided at discounted rates.

Our trained Audiologists and Speech language pathologist also offer speech and swallowing therapy services for voice disorders, professional singers, teachers, post stroke rehabilitation, stammering, children with disability.


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