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Mammography services started at K J Somaiya hospital


We are  pleased  to  announce  the  start  of   Mammography  services  which  is  a  part  of  our  Radiology  Department.   Mammography machine is donated to us by Rotary Club of Queens Necklace, Mumbai South and was inaugurated on 12th March 2020 


Mammography  - Why  and  How ?

Breast  cancer  is  ranked  number one cancer  among the adult Indian female population  especially  in  the urban  and metropolitan regions (ICMR-PBCR data). In  the  rural  areas  it is ranked  second  after cancer  of  uterine cervix.Hence  early  detection  of breast cancer  through screening  is the only  means  to  reduce  the  burden  of  morbidity  and  mortality in our women.Xray  Mammography  serves  as an excellent  screening  method for  this purpose.  It  is  a specialised  radiological  examination of  the  female  breasts  using  a  dedicated  Mammographic Xray machine. 


About  our  Mammography  System :

It is an  analog mammographic X-ray  system manufactured by Metatronica (Italy) which is suitable only for screening purpose. The images are reproduced by using Mammography compatible CR system. The mammography machine uses Smart µPress compression system Motor-driven adjustable force and manual compression by means of a double rotary control, ensures optimal compression of the breast with minimal discomfort to the patient. Based on the specifc density of the breast to be examined, the exclusive FTSE function automatically adjusts the optimal force to be applied.



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